Mr. Dunnock has left my garden :(

Over Christmas I was delighting in the feeding of my local garden birds, though I had a hoard of Pigeons and Starlings, I did have a lovely faithful Dunnock and several Blue Tits.

Since January, a Robin has been on the scene and now after a little respite last week of the Dunnock visiting every morning at 8.45am and singing so beautifully, he has not been seen since last Friday 😦 I am gutted.

Yesterday, all I had visiting were two faithful Blue Tits, and the Robin. I am going crazy with the Pigeons getting into my ground feeder defender which was supposed to keep them out and to protect the little birds, but every day without fail the Pigeons have been entering the cage and eating all the seed!

I’m using Bill Oddies autumn and winter seed at the moment and it states on the packet that it has seeds that are less appetising to pigeons. Wrong!

I keep hoping every morning that I will hear the sweet song of the Dunnock. Let’s hope he visits tomorrow.