Shopping List: washing line!

Right that is it! No more miss nice girl! I am sick and tired of about 10 Pigeons converging in my back garden. I wouldn’t mind feeding them the kitchen scraps, like stale bread and rice but they constantly enter my grown feeder cage and today was the final straw!

I saw about five Pigeons surrounding the cage, eating all the seed I had left the previous evening, but what really upset me was that in between the branches of our little tree was, the Dunnock, trying to jump down for food. 😦 The Pigeons are about five times as big as the Dunnock and the poor little guy didn’t get a look in of the food as the Pigeons scared him away 😦

I am going to purchase some washing line tomorrow so I can wrap it around the cage in the hope to prevent the Pigeons getting in. Knowing my luck the Dunnock will either find somewhere else to eat or worse still, die of cold and starvation! I am not very happy!

Apart from that I have seen quite a few Blue Tit couples, don’t know if it is the same couple or several, but they have been enjoying the sunflower seeds and fat balls left out for them. I just wish the Dunnock would adapt and find a way of feeding from the hanging feeders, it would make my life happier and I’d say his slightly better too.

What are your thoughts?

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