Rockin’ Robin

Not many bird sightings today. I thought that with the icy mornings there would be a flock of birds coming to my feeders, but no. All I saw was a bachelor and one couple of Blue Tits, four Pigeons foraging for scraps as two Starlings attacked my fat balls.

The star of the show today was the Robin, whom I watched eating from my domed feeder that only had black sunflower seeds and then onto the little hanging house that has ground nuts and small seeds especially left for him and the Dunnock. He must have been hungry as he was eating for a while. He looked in good health, though I have to say that for all the visitors as their feathers look lovely and silky.

I had to leave for work early again this morning and I did hear the Dunnock’s little song, though when I put my head out of the window I couldn’t see him, so he may have been passing through.

Im off work tomorrow, so I hope maybe to see the Dunnock visiting my yard to feed. 🙂


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