Bird Song Alarm Clock

Today was a beautiful, bright, crisp winters morning and I was awoken at 9.30am by the song of the Dunnock. He must have been singing for about 10 minutes.  I had my head out of the window again, but  couldn’t see him, he may have been standing right above me on the roof!

I got a report from my Mum that she saw the Dunnock at 8.30am today, sitting in our big tree just singing while she was tootling about in the yard. The Dunnock is getting braver! It sounds like he is definitely setting claim to his territory or seeking a mate. 🙂

It was very cold outside today and the bird activity reflected that, especially in the afternoon!

The Robin popped in a couple of times as did lots of Blue Tit couples. It was nice watching the Tits as they flew like bullets into the tree and onto the black Sunflower seeds. The Dunnock made an afternoon appearance not just once but three times! Once at 2pm where I watched him eating for a while, then at 3pm and again at 4.30pm! He must have been really hungry today, I hope I have given him enough food to make it through the cold night ahead.

There was a maximum of four hungry Starlings, all converging on my fat balls. The noises they make are so funny 🙂

Following the Starlings come the Pigeons, up to about six of them! One was a lovely white Pigeon, who my Mum  says was ringed, so he/she must have belonged to someone! The Pigeons are still trying to get into the ground cage, but the wire deters them now and they walk off disappointed. They have now adapted to my window feeder and today I filmed one sitting on it while pecking at the seed. They are really too heavy for the feeder and I guess it will fall off the door again tomorrow.


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