Winter Grumps and a New Visitor

With work cancelled, I had an additional day off work. ‘Great you may say’, but I’ve got a case of the winter blues and coupled with the dreary, overcast and damp weather today made for a very heavy heart.

I thought that with the drizzly weather, there would be lots of bird action in my yard today, how wrong I was. In the afternoon there was about two hours that had no birds at all!

Despite the lack of action, I did have a few Blue Tits visiting and two Starlings. Of course the Pigeons were around again, but I am trying to feed them less and to deter them coming into the yard.

The faithful Dunnock visited a few times, and I saw him eating lots of ground peanuts which seem to be his favourite. 😀

I went shopping today for David’s Valentines presents and I also got some Bill Oddie’s Mealworm Munch which should benefit the Dunnock and the Robin who also visited the yard today. 🙂

While shopping, to cheer myself up, I went a bit mad and bought my Border Collie, Riley two squeaky toys. He is now terrorising the whole family by squeaking loudly lol 😀


I was amazed to see a new species of bird in the back yard today, a Wren! How sweet and small they are! At first I thought it was the Dunnock as I saw him from the kitchen window under a little bush, hopping about pecking at the wet soil. Then he came out into clear sight and I noticed the size of him and his little rectangular tail. I was dumbfounded as I thought I would never see him. My mum had seen ‘a small bird like the Dunnock’ a while back but she couldn’t identify him properly. Today it was final!

The Wren came back after 4.30pm, he was sitting in our medium sized tree with all the bird feeders around him, but he looked like he didn’t know what to do. The last time I saw him, he dived under the little bush by the kitchen window. I wonder if he is resident there? 😀

Not so very good video I took of the Wren:

So today we have had six bird species in our yard:

Blue Tits, Dunnock, Pigeons, Starlings, Robin and the Wren! I would also love to see some Finches visiting, but they seem to have bypassed me. 😦


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