Impulse Buy Regrets and a Grey Wagtail

Last night I went a bit mad on internet shopping. I went on Amazon and bought six, yes six roosting nest pockets. I calculated that one would be about £4 and times three to make £12 which is what I paid for six, so I figured that six was definitely better than three! 😀 Though six will probably be too much for the small yard that I have, some will have to go in storage 🙂 This spur of spending is all because I saw the little Wren dive under the shelter of our little shrub under the kitchen window. If he or even the Dunnock is resting under the shade of the evergreen branches then some nest pockets would be welcome, I assume?

Now with the cold light of day, I am wondering whether my impulse buy was worth it? I shall have to  find out when I receive the nest pockets and start strategically placing them under foliage.

I also registered my yard/garden and nest box (I’ve a Blue Tit box up on a wall) for the Nest Box Challenge. The National Nest Box week also starts this February 14th to 21st. I have already had a Blue Tit looking at the nest box, not going inside it but just circling it. I don’t know if this is the proper activity of an interested Blue Tit to a perspective nest box so I’m just going with it for now, until someone tells me otherwise 🙂

Today was another day off work, I’ve had more days off work this week than in 😦

I haven’t been successful at seeing the Dunnock today, though the weather wasn’t as cold, I hope that he is ok?

I was once again inundated with Pigeons, about 10 of them at one stage. They managed to get inside my ‘adapted’ ground cage! I even had to save a Pigeon that had got caught under the cage, I talked softly and released the cage for him/her to fly away. As I was in the yard re-fixing the wire on the ground cage, I was chuckling to myself as a Blue Tit couple kept flying into the big tree of ours to see what I was doing and to tell me to go back in lol. One was brave and just helped itself to a Sunflower heart while I was retying the wire. I was calmly talking to them but they kept flying away with any sudden movement.

Though I haven’t seen the Dunnock in the cage today, I did see two Starlings in it.

I was also lucky enough today to spot a Grey Wagtail flying around my back yard and flitting into the neighbours yards too. He/she had a lovely yellow underbelly. Quite beautiful, but far away from water which is their usual habitat.

So today I have seen five species of bird: Blue Tits, Starlings, Pigeons, Grey Wagtail and a Magpie whom was walking along our wall looking for food but didn’t come into the yard.


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