Competitions and Birdsong!

Just after I uploaded Friday’s blog I got confirmation from Edinburgh Inspiring Capital on Facebook about a competition I had entered the night before. It was to win a DVD and book of David Nicholls ‘One Day’ and all you had to do to enter was just say what you would do in Edinburgh if you had just one day. Hence to say I wrote about my love of Arthur’s Seat and also walking up to the top to overlook the city.

And guess what? I was one of the lucky three to be picked 🙂 I was overjoyed! I can’t wait for my prize to arrive, hope it comes for Valentine’s day so I can watch it with David. We had tried to watch ‘One Day’ online, but the copy I had was in German lol 😮

On Saturday David and I went to Chester Zoo and spent an hour with the Giant Otters in their new underwater viewing enclosure 🙂 It was great! We got to the zoo at 10am and we were the only ones at the Otters for a good 30 minutes 🙂 They were so vocal and kept coming up to us, calling for food. I had to say ‘ I have no salmon’!’

We also saw the new Sloths but one was asleep and the other had escaped onto a ledge and the keepers were waiting for it to wake up lol

We also met five other zoo members and it was nice to see them all 🙂

On our way to the zoo through the Birkenhead tunnel I got a text off my Mum saying ‘there are two brown birds in the cage feeder’ I asked where they Dunnock or Wren size and the reply was Dunnock size! I was overjoyed! Mr. Dunnock has found himself a mate!  That was why I hadn’t seen him the day before, he was too busy with love on his mind! All that singing has paid off! I was so jealous of my Mum, trust her to see them together and not I lol

In the evening David and I attempted to make a kidney bean curry, we followed the method and it turned out well. I really enjoyed it. The chilli made it quite hot!

On Sunday I got up at 9.30am to see if the Dunnock and his lady had visited again, but all I saw was a Blue Tit and the Robin 😦 I joked that the female Dunnock probably didn’t like the cuisine the male had shared with her and that’s why they hadn’t come back again lol Though I do hope they come back soon 🙂

We had lots of Pigeons again, though not in the cage thankfully and at one point up to about eight Starlings! There was one bachelor Blue Tit just singing for about an hour this morning. I do hope he attracts a female soon, there is a Blue Tit sized property to let in the area close to amenities. 🙂

With Valentine’s Day on Tuesday I have asked David if he would buy me an insect habitat tower instead of flowers or chocolates, he said yes, so it’s now ordered, hope it arrives for the day.


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