Gloomy Friday…

Last night out of sheer boredom I went looking online for some flowering plants for the back yard, in the hope of encouraging Bees and Butterflies. At the last count I had £200 pounds worth of plants in the online shopping basket 😮 I think I shall buy them a bit at a time. I think the first plants I buy could possibly be a Cotoneaster and Honeysuckle with a few small herbs.

I was thinking how cute the vocalisation of the Blue tits are, after yesterday hearing them lightly calling to each other when they knew I was in the yard. They have a sort of call like a quiet chuckle, possibly it is some kind of signal to each other to show their status. I suppose that if there is danger around then the call would become much more louder!

I was doing some reading  about nest boxes and their placements in a garden, but none of the articles I read said how many metres from food to put them. I have a feeling that mine is too close to the tree that has the seed feeders, it’s at an angle and has a direct flying route but I have a feeling that I won’t get any birds nesting, wherever I will place the box 😦

Regarding bird boxes and cages David and I have been doing some research about the finches. We are quite appalled that bird cages are so expensive, the one that I like is about £50! Though I am not so sure that the website ‘zooplus‘ is any good? I have read reviews that the customer service isn’t up to scratch! In relation to customer service I still haven’t received my cheque for the Gardman ground cage defender as I wrote a letter of complaint about how it stated that it deterred Pigeons but mine alas didn’t! Also my ‘One day’ DVD and book hasn’t been despatched yet,  I am so impatient!

After a disturbed nights sleep, I awoke early for work this morning. At 7.15am I first heard the Dunnock singing his song, he was singing on and off until I left for work at 8.15am. I saw him sitting in the tree opposite, while it poured with rain. There was also a Blackbird sitting not far from him, we don’t see them very often. I saw the Dunnock eating from the ground cage later on in the day, he looks so healthy and has a round body with glossy feathers. The Robin made his appearance as did the regular Blue Tits and of course there was up to six Pigeons following four Starlings.

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