Chasing Cages!

Not much to report this weekend.

Recently there hasn’t been much bird activity in our yard, I saw a few Blue Tits and the Robin on sentry again. There were about six Pigeons and two Starlings, and I heard the Dunnock but didn’t see him. I did see three Blue Tit’s flying over the house, I though this was a strange number as I have only been seeing two at a time recently.

People on the British Garden Birds website have already starting talking about the birds nesting or choosing preferred nesting sites, maybe that is why there has been a reduced activity of late? Regarding my nest box, I haven’t seen any Blue Tits taking an interest in it, so it’s looking more and more likely that I won’t have a family nesting this year, but it’s still early, so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

After a mundane weekend of doing the weekly shop, of getting our hair cut and David having to pay £25 to replace his broken wind-wipers, we decided to visit a few local pet shops and garden centres. We went looking for bird cages like the one I have chosen from the Zooplus website. We did see similar in a pet store in Liverpool, but they were not the right size.

We are also not so sure on what type of Finch to get. The two pet shops we have visited that have Finches, have only stocked the Society Finches which I think look a bit bland and the Zebra Finches, though David doesn’t like them. I have a liking for the Gouldian Finches but we can’t find a suppler and they seem pretty expensive, though they are so colourful! 

I’d just like to thank the customer service at Gardman as my £15 cheque for the ground cage defender that didn’t keep the Pigeons out, arrived on Saturday. I will probably use the money to go towards the Finches, that’s if we get them:)


What are your thoughts?

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