I can’t wait to welcome new members to the family!

Last night, on the orders of David I ordered online the Finch cage. I am now eagerly awaiting a confirmation email that they have despatch the item. I do hope the cage arrives this week as I so want to get the two new members of our family this weekend 🙂 Though I worry that the website doesn’t have the cage in stock! It should say on the website surely?

It’s been a tiring day today. I came home from work after 3pm with some Finch goodies bought from Wilkinson. That seems to be all that I have done these past few weeks, spend, spend and spend! No wonder I am skint!

With being in work for most of the day, I have seen little in the way of bird action. This morning while I was having breakfast, I did hear the Dunnock, but I couldn’t see him. I walked to work with the sound of the Dunnock following me, (probably not the same one) they do seem to be out in force at the moment, probably with only one thing on their mind!

This evening, all I saw was the lone Robin and a Blue Tit couple eating some fat ball and peanuts. I have been feeling more and more gloomy with regards to my nest box, it is still empty and unlooked upon, even the visiting Blue Tits have completely blanked it recently. 😦 I have wondered why there has been a decreased activity in my yard of late. Is it because Spring is on its way and the birds are off doing other things? I think if this lack of interest continues, I shall have to get down some of the bird feeders, the peanuts will be going stale!

What are your thoughts?

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