One Dunnock, Two Dunnocks!!!


I looked out of the window after 10am today and I was amazed by how much bird activity was going on outside in my yard! (I miss so much when I’m at work) The Blue Tits were being bullies again and one was chasing the Dunnock about, I was stunned at how much wing flickering was going on!! Then the Blue Tits started on the Robin who was uncomfortably perched on our domed feeder, do Robins like Sunflower seeds? He seemed to be guzzling them back!

Once the Blue Tits had flown to the tree across the way, I saw the persevering Dunnock in the ground cage eating!

I need a refilling at the dentist, I’ve got another appointment for the work to be done next week *sigh* 😦 I don’t know why the dentist didn’t do the work there and then!

Once I came back home, I looked into the yard and saw the Dunnock in the ground cage feeder again, and then I had a double take as I saw another Dunnock in the branches of the tree 🙂 TWO DUNNOCKS!!! At last I have seen them! I am so happy to see them together, just wish I had had my camera with me at the time! I am a little confused now, am I seeing a lone Dunnock of a morning or am I seeing one of the couple visiting?

After sitting down with a cup of coffee, a white van parked up outside the house. With eyes wide with expectation, I held my breath as my Mum opened the door to receive the Finch cage!!! It has arrived! I had to help her bring the box in as it was huge!

The van driver joked at my Mum saying, ‘how big was the bird!’ I jumped for joy! I can’t wait to set the cage up tonight with David 🙂 The Finch swing also came and it is made of rope, which looks like a dog toy and Riley was trying to take it from my hand to play with 🙂

The Dunnock visited a couple times during the afternoon, as did a few of the Blue Tits. We had some Starlings in and also Pigeons.

I wish I could have more days off like today as the bird activity was great to witness. I probably won’t see half as much tomorrow as I’m back at work, maybe I will be woken up with the song of the Dunnock?

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