A Taste of Spring Today!

Only a short blog today as I am just recovering from a draining migraine. 😦 I fell ill not long after I finished work today. I was doing some research in the library with my student and it was so hot in there that I felt like I was being suffocated! We were only in the library for two hours, but it was enough to make me feel sick and when I stepped outside, low and behold it was so warm!! It has been such a lovely Spring-like day today, the sun makes my heart sing for the coming season. 😀

When I got home, I watched with delight a visiting Dunnock singing at 1.30pm for about half an hour. He was just sitting in our big tree, happy and not bothered by any other bird. Maybe it was the warm air and the lovely bright sun that made the birds more relaxed today as I also witnessed a lone Starling sitting in our tree for over an hour, unperturbed.

This morning before I headed out for work, I saw the Dunnock couple, I don’t know if they both flew away as I only saw one fly off, but there was also a lone Dunnock in the big tree, which raises the question, was there three Dunnocks in my yard today??? I have also seen a visiting Blue Tit couple, the bachelor Blue Tit who was in our yard at 6pm!! There have been only a few Pigeons and later on in the gloaming a Great Tit was tweeting away in the tree opposite.

Last night David and I took about 40 minutes fitting the Finch cage together, but what lasted the rest of the night was the rearrangement of my desk as the cage was too tall 😦 (I must have measured wrong) 😦 In the end I lost a shelf for my books and we had to find new homes for them. 😦

Apart from the annoyance at losing precious shelf space, the cage looks great! I enjoyed fitting it out and can’t wait for Saturday now so we can put a family inside it! 🙂

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