Not Much to Report…

… except that do Society Finches just eat and sleep? That’s all what Chocolate and Caramel seem to do. They are very quiet and don’t sing that much. Am I doing something wrong?

Caramel and Chocolate

I bought them some more feeders today as they don’t seem to like the bottom of the cage and have not really ventured down there, where the food is. I placed a pot of seed and also a pot of grit/sand too. I don’t think either knew what the sand/grit was, they were constantly eating it. I got a bit worried as some sites online say not to give Finches grit/sand. I hope I have done correctly.

They seem quite content and love hanging upside down to eat the millet. They don’t seem too bothered about the seed. I am worried that they are not getting all their nutrients. I would love to give them half a boiled egg, but they don’t seem to like the cage floor. They even ignored the bath I put in and decided to have a wash in their drinking water lol

Not much wild bird happenings of late. Going to work early today, the air was so silent and still, maybe they are all too bothered with love on their minds???

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