Just One of Those Days :(

*Sigh* where do I start?

Firstly I was late leaving for work this morning as I could not get Muzzy out from my room. I was clearing the room of cats so that I could close my bedroom door for the Finches to be safe all day as I had a full day of work. 😦

So being late and flustered, I rushed for the bus and managed to get one in time. I met my student whom was not very well with a cold!

During the morning I texted my Mum asking for updates on how the Finches were, as even she could not get Muzzy from my room. Every time she tried to pick her up, Muzzy would dash under the bed 😦

At lunchtime I got a text saying that the bird cage had been pulled over by Muzzy and was all over the floor 😦 So Muzzy is definitely in my bad books!

ImageI wanted to rush home and clean them up but I had an afternoon of work ahead of me. I emailed David the bad news and he was saying he wasn’t having a great day either as the systems were down in his office and he couldn’t do any work. 

When I did get home, I was reunited with Chocolate and Caramel. They were chirruping away in my Mums room. I washed out their cage of damp sand and the seed seemed to get everywhere. lol It took me over half an hour but they are now content in their cage with all their seed, millet and water. 

Chocolate and Caramel after their ordeal have been very vocal and energetic tonight. They have both been chirruping and jumping onto their swing and flying back and forth. It has been nice to watch. 🙂 Even Chocolate has been playing with their mirror but they don’t know what the piece of apple I left in their cage is as they haven’t touched it. lol

I took out the metal mesh of the cage floor and I hope that they venture to the bottom of the cage eventually. I still want to serve them carrots and a boiled egg 🙂

I saw a Blackbird first thing this morning which was nice and the Dunnock was in the yard later in the afternoon, I saw him eating in the ground cage. I have heard the Blue Tits but not seen them.

I’ve a day off tomorrow so hope to see more bird action and to keep the cats away from the Finches! Wish me luck! 😛

What are your thoughts?

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