Wasted Day Off! :(

Wednesday was my day off work. David also took a day off and we went to a pet shop in St Helens that said they had Gouldian Finches. They had more than Gouldians!!!!, They had Owl Finches and wild Gold Finches and Siskins! I was amazed and yet, felt a bit sad for the Golds and Siskins as many people on ‘British Garden Birds‘ say that they see them in the ‘wild’ in gardens around the UK. We sat outside the pet shop for about an hour debating whether to get the Goulians which were £80 for a pair!

‘Should we get two males because we think we have two male Societies? Should we get a male and female and see if they breed? Will the male Societies get on with the Gouldins? Will there be any fighting?’ These were some of the questions that were voiced. I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to add two more Finches to the cage, surely it would change the equilibrium? Chocolate and Caramel have just got used to their cage, wouldn’t the introduction of another two Finches cause more upset?

In the end we drove home Finchless, but we still hadn’t come to a proper decision!

We spent the rest of the day languishing at home. David harassed the Finches by putting his hand in the cage wanting them to get used to him and I tootled about the yard topping up bird food and putting water out for them. I stood soaking up the warm rays of the sun and listened to the Blue Tits playing in the tree opposite. I also saw the Dunnock singing but never saw him eating.

Thursday was a gorgeous bright ‘Spring’ day. My heart was so uplifted with the sight and warmth of the sun. Even work didn’t feel like a chore it sometimes feels. I got home after 3pm and Chocolate and Caramel were jumping, flying and singing in their cage. Outside on a chimney pot a Blackbird sang so beautifully, I was overcome with emotion!

(Picture right: Can you spot the Finches?)


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