Butterflies, Birds and Plants!

Last night after much thought I accepted the ‘free years membership’ offer by Butterfly Conservation, I got a combined one for myself and David. I am just waiting to hear from them with membership details. The only downside was that I had to set up a direct debit, which I don’t like. Must remember to cancel it next February!

Today was another ‘Spring’ like day 🙂 As I was walking to work I saw a black and white Tit shaped bird fly over me, was it a Long-tailed Tit or a Pied Wagtail? I will never know!

I had a short day at work today. I got home after 1pm and a little later in the afternoon I saw the Dunnock couple. The Dunnocks were feeding in the ground cage but the stupid Pigeons chased them away 😦 Both Dunnocks dived over the wall separating both homes! I am sure they have nested in next doors Laurel bush. The problem is that it’s a student house, I hope they don’t sell it as any new neighbour would surely cut the shrub down. 😦

I haven’t seen the Robin of late, shows you that being a bully doesn’t always mean that you get the pick of the nesting sites! Well done Dunnocks! 😀

The Blue Tits were very active in the warm sun today flying about and playing in the Buddleia. 🙂

Since it was March, I thought I’d order Mums mothers’ day and birthday gifts. I ordered some plants for the back yard. I spent £38 but I think they were more for me and the garden than my Mum lol 😛 I ordered a Cotoneaster, six Lavender plants and and six Straw Daisies (Michaelmas daisy), all I hope will attract bees, butterflies and be food for birds come the Autumn.


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