Going Mad for Lettuce!

An impromptu day off work today. I’m not complaining! 😀 Though I will probably have a long day at work tomorrow 😦

I bought some Romaine Lettuce for Chocolate and Caramel today and I couldn’t get Chocolate from it! He went mad for it lol

I will try them with some cucumber tomorrow, wonder if they will act the same?

Caramel was brave today, he/she went to the bottom of the cage, not once but twice! Caramel just sat there for half a minute each time before flying up. I wonder if he/she is getting used to the cage now?

It was lovely watching them flying around their cage, it looked like they were chasing each other. 😀

I heard the Dunnock singing from 6.30am this morning, it penetrated my dreams. I saw him a few more times during the day, singing in the big tree. I saw a Magpie couple jumping along the back wall. One had something pink and flesh-like in their beak, I was hoping it wasn’t a baby chick. I wonder if they have raided the Dunnock nest I think is in the Laurel bush next door? I do hope not 😦

There were many or the same Blue Tit couple/s visiting today. I have noticed that their preference in food now is peanuts, it was sunflower hearts during the cold weather. Do peanuts have as much calories as the hearts, or do they have more or less? Maybe the Tits are eating the peanuts for energy to help them get through the breeding season?

What are your thoughts?

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