Feeling down in the dumps :(

As I said yesterday, Tuesday was gong to be a long day at work, though it didn’t seem so long and I had an enjoyable time with Rachel, my student, whom we conducted research together during the afternoon, on tracts that run up the spinal cord to the brain and back down!

I have realised that I am not happy until I am feeling totally miserable, it is something I should nip in the bud as it’s not healthy!

At the time of writing, I am watching the Finches jump, fly and chirrup around their cage. They don’t really have much of a routine at the moment, it’s nearly 11pm and the main light is still on in the room. 😦 I gave them extra lettuce today which they enjoyed. I had to leave the Finches in my Mum’s room this morning as I had to be in work for 9am and I couldn’t get Muzzy out from under the bed, again! 😦 Chocolate and Caramel, didn’t like the cucumber I gave them when I got back from work 😦

The weather was nice and bright again today, though a bit cold. I saw the lone Dunnock and two Blue Tits first thing this morning, though I disturbed the Dunnock from the tree 😦

Later in the evening, I saw a Great Tit sitting in our little tree, I wonder if he ate? At 5.50pm I saw the last Blue Tit visiting. It is getting later and later when they visit 🙂 Spring and Summer are definitely on their way 🙂 I really can’t wait for the warmer weather as I look forward to visiting the many RSPB sites around the UK with their varying environments and species 🙂 I just hope David feels the same?

What are your thoughts?

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