Couples Galore!

Just some notes from the previous days bird watching.

Wednesday was my day off, but with family issues hanging over my head it made for a very depressing day all in all. The amount of bird activity is staying relatively the same as it did in the winter. Though we do have a dwindling amount of Starlings and with less Starlings, there has been less Pigeon activity, which is a small blessing.

On Wednesday, I saw the Dunnock couple pecking around the wet soil. I also later saw a lone Dunnock who has found the little hanging table I bought for him. 🙂 So I am now 90% certain that we have a couple and also a batchelor Dunnock that visit. Not bad, considering that before last October I never knew the Dunnock existed at all!

On Friday as an aside, I was pottering in the yard with Riley my Border Collie and I heard the flapping of wings in the big tree! I looked up and low and behold it was the bachelor Dunnock. I think my presence gave the little man a fright as he started singing, but I slowly walked back inside and he jumped into the garden to search for food 🙂

We still have a few Blue Tit couples visiting, though none have taken residence in my bird house 😦 Friday morning, after coming in from a very short day at work (one hour!) Mum informed me that she had not only saw two Blue Tits but she had also seen two Great Tits in the tree too :O I am hoping Spring and Summer will bring in lots of couples. I hope the Great Tits visit again, I did see a lone Great later on that morning but the bullying Blue Tits chased him away 😦

Going to work first thing I saw four! Yes four! Carrion Crows flying quite low down a residential road! I was shocked to say the least! I wonder if they are a bringer of bad luck? 😦

As I said I had a short day at work on Friday, I came home with the early Spring sun warming my face. I could see the silhouette of two Robin shaped birds on top of TV aerials and they seemed to be making some sort of tweeting noise which could have been a fighting call. I couldn’t identify them properly so they could have been any bird that was Robin size.

For the past couple of days the Magpie couple have been terrorising the yard, I say that as their presence seems to frighten the smaller birds.

From wild birds to caged ones: Chocolate and Caramel our Society Finches have been very vocal and active these past few days. Caramel has found a new fun thing to do and that is to fly onto a hanging ball attached to the top of the cage with a bell on and then fly off to hear the bell sounding 🙂 It was fun to watch them flying about energetically last night 😀

What are your thoughts?

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