Emotional Highs and Lows :(

Well today has been disappointing 😦 We found out that the offer we put on the house next to Mums was declined as it ‘wasn’t enough’! What? It was what the house was on the market for! If they wanted more they should have upped the price then! It really ‘grinds my gears‘ how property businesses can be so greedy! People blame mortgage lenders for the trouble first time buyers are in but I blame over ambitious house price inflation and that all lies at the feet of greedy businessmen!

This company have been keeping David and I waiting for over a week to view the house as I was ready to see it last Monday but they seem to be moving far too slow. Yesterday they cancelled the viewing we had pencilled in and then with an hour before they called back saying that the viewing was on. We are not having much luck with this house at present! Makes me wonder whether they just want to pass the house onto another student housing company!

With that rant off my chest, David and I are left with what to do next. Raise another few hundred or leave it as is and see what happens? We even had to cancel the mortgage appointment we had for tomorrow as we don’t know what to do for the best! We don’t want to give more money and then struggle to pay the bills. I’ve seen my family struggle with lack of money all my life and I don’t want that life!

Poor David, his mind was all frazzled after the news and he had had a long day on a training course too 😦

To top off a crap day I stepped out into the back yard after 6pm to see how much the new plants are growing. The Lupin and Aubrieta are developing well, both look strong, when the Dunnock couple flew into the tree, saw me standing there and flew off 😦 Made me feel like crying 😦

What a contrast from yesterday. I saw the Dunnock couple in the morning both eating from the ground feeder and then later in the afternoon I saw the male Dunnock chase another male across the wall 🙂 It was funny to see lol

We haven’t seen as many Blue Tits as we have had but I have heard them close by singing manically. There is also a Blackbird that sings in the area of an evening and his song uplifts the heart.

I have also seen lots of big fat bees recently! They seem to love the pink cherry blossom in our yard! The Aubrieta has lovely blue flowers blooming at the moment so hopefully the bees will be attracted to that and the Hellebore soon. 🙂

Alongside the upset with the house. My father who was admitted to hospital last Saturday was transferred to ICU a week after 😦 Mum and I were at the Royal at 12am on a Monday morning giving him support as he was struggling to breathe. He was diagnosed with pneumonia 😦 People die from that! Today we visited him and he has got a plastic inflatable hood all around his head. He had had a cap with face mask but that wasn’t fitting properly so he now looks like ‘Robbie the Robot’ from ‘Forbidden Planet.’ 😛

Tomorrow is my day off work and I am no looking forward to it 😦 It will probably be a day of upset over the house and tedium as there are not as many visiting birds as was in the winter. 😦

What are your thoughts?

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