My First Butterfly Spotted!

Since last Monday my Father has been in Intensive Care and has progressively got worse as the week went on. šŸ˜¦ On Monday morning at 2.30am while walking home from the hospital I was surprised and elated to hear the chatter of birds, at that time!!! It shows you that after roosting, birds just don’t go to sleep all night.

A week on and my Father has taken a turn for the worst and is seriously ill, so much so that the doctor said I should cancel my holiday to Norfolk.Ā šŸ˜¦

I have been watching with delight the Blue Tit and Dunnock females this week, end of March collecting nesting materials in their beaks.

Yesterday was a Monday with lovely ‘Summer-like’ weather. I spent ten minutes watching the female Dunnock, she was being very braveĀ coming close to the patio doors. I think she knew I was there butĀ toleratedĀ me as she went along picking up Riley’s (dog) hairs from the rug outside. It was lovely to see, I just wish I had my camcorder with me as she was so close and also the colourings on her back were beautiful. She had dark striations with various degrees of brown to creams. Today, Tuesday, we left some more dog hair outside in the hope of helping the Dunnock female build her nest, which I am sure is now in next doors Laurel bush.

Regarding buying next door, we are still waiting for the owners of the house to get back to us regarding our higher bid. I wish they would hurry themselves as they could have a sale on their hands!

With this unseasonal warm end to March, Chocolate and Caramel, the Finches have been waking us up at 7am every morning with their singing and their flying from perch to perch. We just groan and hide under the covers. lol šŸ˜€

Today, David and I instead of being in Norfolk andĀ visitingĀ Banham Zoo we went to Lady Green Garden Centre again! I had my list of plants to buy but all I got was two plant pots for Ā£10! The highlight of the visit was that on the Aubrieta was a Peacock butterfly!!! My first butterfly of the season and I was surprised that it was a Peacock!! I was overjoyed and also got my camera out to take a picture!

We drove on in the heat to a Maghull garden centre and I bought a Magnolia Tree as a replacement for the one I had that died last year. šŸ™‚

I must say that the garden is looking lovely green and lush šŸ™‚

What are your thoughts?

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