Comings and Goings!

There has been many comings and goings this past week, what with dealing with the aftermath of my fathers passing and waiting for Easter and the dreaded funeral. 😦 I am really worrying about the funeral and how my Mum will cope. I can’t wait for the horrible day to come and go, I have only been to one funeral and not one I helped organise, so who knows how the day will pan out?

I am in the second week of my University holidays, but it is no holiday this year and I am finding myself looking forward to getting back to work.

Trying to keep my mind off the inevitable, I have been keeping up with the wild bird activity in the back yard! With the return of the cold weather and the horrible driving rain I have seen many Blue Tits visiting frequently, whether they are the same bird or several couples I don’t know. This increase in activity makes me think maybe the Tits have young to feed, or is it too early for fledglings? Maybe they are eating more due to the change in coldness or to keep them in prime condition for the next generation?

Seems like more questions than answers?!

On Monday evening about 7pm I saw a Great Tit guzzling the sunflower hearts hanging from the cherry tree. The Great Tits are usually chased away by the Blue Tits so it’s nice to see one visiting. Now today, Tuesday, I have seen a Great Tit couple about four times visit the yard. 😀 About 11am the couple, looking really plump and glossy were really enjoying the the food on offer, sampling from all the feeders. It makes me really happy that the seeds I have left out for the birds is a real help for them during the fluctuating temperatures this spring.

I have also seen the Dunnock couple visit today. During the morning I only saw one of them eating the Bill Oddie food, that was soaked from all the rain that we are having! (Though the rain is much needed from what I can gather from the news.) I was wondering whether the male had left for pastures new, but this evening after 6.30pm I saw one Dunnock sitting in a tree and the other hopping about the floor eating left over rice I had left out for the Pigeons. It was nice to see the couple together. The male was watching over the female and singing so sweetly. I thought one of the Dunnocks this morning looked really wet and dishevelled. I was also amazed that the Dunnock sitting in the tree had managed to sit on a branch and was able to snatch some seed from a hanging feeder. It is nice that they can get at all the food that is available from the yard, especially the hanging feeders as I was worried that they couldn’t reach them being ground feeders. I suppose that is evolution for you?!

Regarding the caged Finches, today I have seen Caramel sitting in the second nest in the cage. I think it is about time they have settled into their new home and explore all that we have given them. Chocolate seems a bit reluctant to try new things regarding their environment but he loves the sprouts and lettuce I leave out for them. It is lovely seeing them sitting together in their nests. I shall have to get a picture one day. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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