‘Plant’ Friday. :)

Waking up today to grey skies I tried not to let the weather and the fact that I never got to Twycross Zoo get me down.

While sipping my morning coffee I was entertained thoroughly by the Blue and Great Tit couples that were flying in and out of the yard. I think maybe it was the males of the two species that were chasing each other. First the Blue chased the Great into the big tree and then the Great would ‘turn the tables’ and chase the Blue into a small apple tree we have by the patio doors. I was laughing with glee as I saw the Blue Tit sort of ‘bob’ up and down as he flew to safety. It was like he was flying in slow motion. I wish I had my camera at the time, I can’t really describe how cute the Blues flying was 😀

Later on that afternoon, my Mum suggested we  go to a garden centre to get a yellow rose in memory of my Dad. So David kindly drove us to Lady Green Garden Centre and there we proceeded to spend over £30 each!

I actually got a Honeysuckle that was good for wildlife, good for bees, butterflies and moths, and hopefully the berries will be liked by birds. I am so happy with my purchase! I also bought an Oregano for butterflies and an Aquilegia and an Achillea.

We were frozen to the bone when we planted them in new planters. All we need now is the sun to shine so that they can grow like my Lupin and Foxglove.

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