Goodbye Dad!

Today was a day of firsts!

It was the first funeral I had gone to for one of my parents. It was the day of my Father’s funeral.

The ceremony was at 10.30am at Springwood Crematorium and I must say the half an hour before the hearse and limo arrived at our door was the longest half an hour I have ever witnessed! I was expecting myself and Mum to break down when the hearse arrived but I was in control and even took a picture of the coffin and the flowers in the form of ‘DAD’. The coffin we had chosen was lovely and everything went smoothly. I even thought the drive from Wavertree to Spingwood went fast as it’s usually a good 20 minutes drive! I just kept looking at my Dad as he went ahead of us on the road.

The service itself was more of a celebration than a mournful ceremony. Michael Fry the vicar was jovial and kind and made everyone laugh as he mentioned my Penguin and our beloved Riley! He really got to the character of my Dad, tormented by depression but brave, its a shame that he never saw this in himself.

 Mum stayed strong, she said she was smiling all through the service and looked at my Dad’s picture on the coffin. I too was looking at the coffin and the picture, but I blubbed loudly as the curtains closed. ‘Goodbye Dad!’ Mum said he loved me very much, I just wish he had showed it more 😦

We had some of Dad’s favourite music playing at the service, Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight’, Petshop Boys ‘West End Girls’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Running up that Hill’. It all seemed very him!

You probably think I am awful, but I didn’t donate the flowers to a nursing home or charity, I took them all back and now they are filling the house with colour and scent! Why pay over £100 for someone else to enjoy them?

The ‘wake’ afterwards was noisy as there were so many people present, it was nice that Dad touched so many people. Most of them left after 1pm. Later on Mum, David and I had a ‘Saffron‘ curry to sort of celebrate Dad’s passing 🙂 I think he would have liked the funeral and that so many people came to see his ‘send off’!

The second first today was the fact that the Finches, Chocolate and Caramel are parents, or one at least is a female and is laying eggs!! There are two eggs at present! They are small white, smooth eggs, and given the size of the Finches they seem quite big! So David and I are wondering do we have a male and female or two females, though we thought we had two males?! LOL! 😀

The last first today was a shocker!!! I was getting ready first thing this morning for the funeral, after noticing the Finches’ two eggs (as there was only one egg yesterday!) I looked out of my bedroom window to see the Blue Tits calling their alarm call and I saw what I thought at first was a Blackbird, circling and then sitting on the roof opposite! Then I noticed its curved beak, the jagged wings and tail and the white and black spots on its chest! I cried ‘it’s a bird of prey!’ but only I saw it as it swooped away! I was flabbergasted! Was it a Kestrel? I really couldn’t identify the mystery bird. I want it to come back so I can identify properly but on the other hand I don’t as the little birds were a bit freaked out at it’s presence. I shall have to count the visiting birds tomorrow and see if it didn’t take any of them! I hope not, I don’t want any more upset!

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