Worms, worms Everywhere!

Yesterday, Wednesday David took a day off work to be with me and my family after the funeral. I must say David has been wonderful over the weeks of upset. I thank him from all my heart 🙂

We went to Pets at Home and bought some half price mealworms for the wild birds in the back yard. They only cost me £1.24! We brought them home and put them in the ground cage feeder for the Dunnock and also the domed feeder for the Blue Tits.

Today, Thursday, I have seen the Dunnock eating the worms and also carrying one in its mouth and flying over the wall to next doors yard. This makes me really hopeful that they do have a nest in the Laurel bush and that the male is catching the worms to feed the female? I don’t think they will have young yet.

We also bought from Pets at Home, some dried egg food for the Finches. At last count there were three white eggs in the nest, both Chocolate and Caramel are sitting on them, keeping them warm. I have been unable to see inside the nest today so there may be a fourth egg???

I have been pottering about the yard this afternoon in the lovely bright but cool sunshine. My Achillea has spread out in its new pot and the Aquilegia has some flowers on so I’m hoping they bloom soon. 🙂 My Foxglove is really coming along and even my Honeysuckle seems to have grown since I bought it last week.

Only a short blog today. Hope the nice sunshine will last for the rest of the weekend. 😀

What are your thoughts?

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