It’s oh so Quiet!

Just a short note today, just to say I am a little disappointed with the wild bird action in the back yard recently. Since the Bird of Prey sighting, the Great Tits have stayed clear of the yard. 😦

We have had the faithful Blue Tit couple visiting and for the past two days I have seen not just one Dunnock, but two! I am wondering whether their eggs have hatched and they are now both looking for food for the nestlings. I do hope so! I so can’t wait to see a baby Dunnock!

I bought some mini mealworms yesterday, but they don’t seem as readily picked up as the normal ones!

I thought that with this being the nesting season, that the bird activity would increase, but on Bill Oddies food blog he states that June/July are the busiest, so I am looking forward to early Summer to see if other birds visit!

Regarding the Finches, they are both sitting on the eggs, but because we can’t see the eggs, we can’t test to see if they are fertile or not. My gut instinct says they are not, which after all this time, is very sad. We will find out early next week if any hatchlings appear!

What are your thoughts?

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