Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!

This weekend was a weekend much like David and I used to have before my Father passed. Maybe life is slowly getting back to how it used to be?

It was the weekend of Liverpool’s ‘Sea Odyssey‘ where the streets were given over to the puppetry of French company Royal de Luxe.

On Friday as David was in work all day with a headache, I followed, in anticipation online the progress of the Little Girl Giant as she walked through the city to King’s Dock and the ‘Uncle’, diver coming from the sea to walk the streets towards Stanley Park, Anfield. David being so kind later in the evening took myself, Daniel, his girlfriend Jo and my Mum around the city, to see the sleeping giants.

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On Saturday, David and I got up early to head into town before the crowds, so we could get a good spot to see the Little Girl Giant and Xolo leaving King’s Dock. I got some lovely footage of the girl in her boat and she even looked like she gazed straight into the camera lens. I sometimes forgot they were puppets and not real giants! I got very emotional while watching the girl and her dog, whom I have fallen in love with, what wonderful artistic design and execution! I kept feeling that I was like the giant girl as I had lost my Dad also. 😦

After we had seen Little Girl Giant and Xolo leaving the dock we rushed to Anfield, David’s area and waited for an hour for the Diver to come down. I was disappointed as he was sitting on a box and not walking, though he was still very tall!

I would have loved to have seen the little girl on her scooter but the crowds put David and I off going back into town.

Later on Saturday evening David and I went into town to see the little girl on the divers knee, so sweet. 🙂 It would have been so lovely to have seen them being reunited.

Sunday, and David decided we go and see the marionettes all together early in the morning. So we were up again at 7.30am and waited for over an hour to see Xolo, then the Little Girl Giant and then the Diver walking down the Strand. We were positioned even better than Saturday and I got some great footage of Xolo, who came close to us. I would have given anything to have hugged him! 🙂

The Sea odyssey event in Liverpool has been simply fantastic, far superior than the 2008 Spider! I am very glad that David and I have witnessed this. I hope that Liverpool do something this big again in the near future!

The Finches have seriously increased the time they have been sitting on their eggs. It has been almost two weeks since we first saw eggs in their nest and I am hoping that they will hatch, otherwise it will have been hard work for Chocolate and Caramel with no end result. It feels a little sad thinking of that scenario. Let’s keep fingers and toes crossed that we have a male and female and not just two females and empty eggs 😦

Wild bird wise, the Great Tits have been spotted visiting. The Blue Tit couple have been here many times and the Dunnock has I believe, been enjoying the mini mealworms left out for them. Over the weekend a large Magpie was spotted sitting on my cup feeder helping himself/herself to the worms on offer! Cheeky!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!

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  2. Reblogged this on Christine Lucas and commented:

    This weekend, the streets of Liverpool have once again been taken over by Royal de Luxe’s giant marionettes. They first visited in 2012 and again in 2014.

    This time David and I only managed to pop into town to see the ‘uncle’ giant asleep on his raft. The crowds of 2014, were more than topped this time around, which put us off.

    Did you manage to see any of the visits from the giants? What were your impressions?

    Thanks for reading,

    Christine x


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