New Visitors!

Yesterday, I sadly disturbed both Dunnocks as they foraged around the soil for worms. I didn’t even know they were about until I heard the loud flicker of wings and the male calling in surprise. 😦

Our Society Finches are still sitting on their eggs. I have noticed Chocolate has hardly left the nest, though Caramel seems to be staying out more. It has been over two weeks now, we may wait another week before we take a closer look at the nest. I am dreading if the eggs don’t hatch, I think it will be very sad to see the little eggs sitting on the bottom of the nest. 😦

Today, my eyes alighted on a wonderful vision as I peered out of the back window and saw a flash of red!

I was sure I saw one of these little birds last Friday but I couldn’t identify properly, now today, it is official! There are two Goldfinches visiting the sunflower hearts! 😀 I was overjoyed!

This morning, there were lots of twittering and flapping of wings as the visiting birds seemed to be doing relays back and forth from the feeders. I saw the Great Tits with their lovely black heads and the Blue Tits chirriped angrily at the volume of feathered activity! Then I noticed the newcomers! One was flying from a feeder and the other was eating hungrily at the sunflower hearts. I went to work with a lighter heart for seeing a new species at my inner city back yard!

I was entertained later in the evening as I saw a Magpie come into the back yard after I had put out the left overs of curried rice. He must have a taste for spices as I saw him gobbling up the cooked rice and also fly off with a beak-full. I just hope that if the Magpies’ do have nestlings that they like curry, because they will be getting lots of it looking at the mound of rice. lol 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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