Madness at the Bird Feeders!

This afternoon, I was out in the garden as planned with my Mum, planting my 72 petunias which were my mystery plant from Jersey Plants Direct, to say I was slightly disappointed in their arrival is an understatement!

I don’t know if it was because the sun was out and it felt so nice and warm, but the birds at the feeders has multiplied! At one stage there was a Great Tit, two Blue Tits and four! Yes four Goldfinches all flying to and from the sunflower hearts!

The Blues were decimating the live mealworms I left out for them. The Great Tit was seen later on in the afternoon with his partner. 🙂

But the sight of four Goldfinches at the sunflower hearts and nyjer seed warmed my heart. I thought I was seeing double, quadruple! lol 😀 The Goldfinch couple must have put out the call to other finches that there is food on offer in the area. lol 😀

The Dunnock was spotted on the wall singing his sweet song, but I did not see him eating, maybe he dislikes the quality of food I have put out for him. 😦

The Magpie has visited a few times today, and was once spotted sitting, sun bathing on the wall.

I have not known so much wild bird activity in my back yard not since the last visitation of the hoard of Starlings last year.

It makes me smile that the food I leave out for the birds are so readily being snapped up. I must be doing something right! 😀

What are your thoughts?

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