Another Damp Squib of a Bank Holiday!

I’ll start the blog with some sad news, though news we have all been expecting. On Friday we managed to get into the Society Finch nest and have a look at the eggs. They had laid seven little eggs. On closer inspection we saw they were infertile. 😦 I was sad for the finches and for myself as I needed a little happy news. I am now almost 100% certain that we have two females, not two males as first expected. If they are of both sex then they are infertile 😦 Probably from inbred parents 😦

The mealworms I requested came the very next day after I had ordered them! I was very impressed with the speedy delivery but not with the packaging as I had expected the worms to be held in a box, they were not! They were delivered in a cardboard box and inside that they were in a sack cloth bag! How was I to keep them? On peering inside the bag I found a few of the worms were trying to climb the side of the bag to escape! lol Both Mum and I were very squeamish, luckily I had a box for my fatballs so we put breathing holes in the lid and emptied the balls and then tipped the worms into the box.

As soon as I had dished a few of the poor worms out for the birds, the Great and Blue Tits went mad for them! The only downside to using the worms is that we now have two resident Magpies coming into the yard on many occasion to sneak some worms away. Though they seem to be chasing the small birds away with their presence! 😦 Update this Tuesday the Magpies don’t seem to have chased the small birds away, the Great Tits have been in a few times seeking out the worms, I hope their young will be strong!

I have been fortunate to have seen the visiting Goldfinches of late, I just hope they will continue to visit, though I must be more vigilant before opening the back door for the dog as they are very nervous!

The Dunnock couple have been seen in and around the yard this Sunday and I am still positive that they will bring their fledglings to visit when they are grown. I simply can’t wait to see if the Blue Tits will bring their young to the yard too. 🙂

I have an impromptu day off tomorrow, so will have one eye tilted to the sky and the branches of our trees. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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