Worms are Back in Town!

My second shipment of mealworms for the wild garden birds has arrived! It has been relatively quiet of late as the Great and Blue Tits have visited the garden, saw there were no worms and left with a solitary seed feeling sorry for themselves! But today, I put some new worms out in the domed feeder and both the Great and the Blues have been in and out of the yard on several occasions, snatching a worm and eagerly guzzling the poor creature down. I noticed that a Great Tit was busily knocking back the worms for about an hour! He/she must have really missed the worm supply. The first supply indeed only lasted 2 weeks!

We have had quiet a few Goldfinch visitations of late. Yesterday evening, there were four of them all fighting for the sunflower hearts! Today I have seen a couple of Goldfinches on several occasions at the seeds.

Last Saturday David and I went to see if the Haydock pet store had any Gouldian couples. To my sadness they did not and I went home feeling rather sad that we never got any friends for Chocolate and Caramel. I think the worst thing is that I have already chosen names for the new Finches of Rainbow (male) and Aurora (female), though I doubt we will ever get them. The shop did have Owl Finches, which is another breed of Finch I would like to have one day. 🙂

Regarding our finches, Chocolate has been rather enamoured of late with the cooked egg I keep hanging in their cage. I can safely assume that she will try to lay more eggs. This will be the last time I let her lay eggs as I am not hopeful that they will be fertile. Caramel has been grooming her/his chest somewhat over the past week and I am worried that he/she has feather mites. I am looking for a good topical medicine to give to them, but all I seem to find is sprays, (you can be sure I will spray their eyes with it 😦 lol) and then drops which you put onto their back, (trying to catch our finches will be fun to see!.)  So the searching continues…

What are your thoughts?

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