To Buy More Worms or Not, That is the Question…

The house purchase is getting ever closer. 🙂 All that we need now is to complete the purchase and then David and I are tied to a 25 year debt! I wonder whether David and I will last together the 25 years?

This weekend I have been topping up the worm feeder five times a day! The Great and Blue Tits must be sitting somewhere close and watching, wating for me to come out with the next cup of worms to feed them. When I put a new supply of worms out, the yard is awash with activity, both Great and Blue Tit couples, (there are one of each) both flying in and snatching a worm.

I watched yesterday as the Blue Tits would rip the poor worms to pieces and then fly off with the end piece probably to give to their chicks! I do hope they will both bring their fledglings to my yard soon.

The Dunnock surprisingly visited the yard yesterday and flew off with just a seed, Ive not seen him for ages! David thought he looked like a baby, but I think he looked more dishevelled!


The Magpie frequently visits and chases all the other birds from the yard so he can hoover the remaining worms from the floor that the Tits have thrown out! The Goldfinches also visited the yard a few times to eat the sunflower hearts.

I am coming to the end of the second shipment of worms and I don’t know whether to spend another £10 on another sack of them?  What do you think I should do?

What are your thoughts?

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