Isn’t ‘New’ Life Exciting?!

I was awoken at 5.30am on a wet Sunday morning with the sound of baby Great Tits that had fledged the nest around 1st June 2012!

I found myself springing out of bed, leaving David huddled under the bed covers. I poked my head out of the window and there was not one, but two baby Great Tits! Out came the video camera and I sat there for half an hour watching the antics of the babies and watching the parents feeding the demanding chicks!

I had slaughtered thousands of mealworms in the process of helping the Great Tit parents produce the two chicks!

I was a bit depressed yesterday as the mealworms had all been eaten and the Blue Tit couple have still been visiting the feeders for worms, though I have found them taking sunflower hearts and suet, so hopefully this is enough energy for the growing Blue Tit chicks?

I am so happy that the Great Tit couple have brought their young to my feeders although I have not seen them during the day. I am sure they have other feeding grounds, but I am confident that I have enough variety of foods for the wild birds for them to stay in the area! I so hope that they do!

As an aside, the Goldfinches have been visiting the sunflower seeds a lot today, maybe it is the poor weather that makes them need more energy? I am happy to see them visiting me!


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