It’s become oh so Quiet!

I remember reading in one of Bill Oddie’s blogs that June and July were the busiest months for activity on the bird feeders. I hasten to add that this is not the case in my back yard. Once the Great Tit’s had shown their two youngsters the feeders, I have not seen or heard of them since! 😦

As for the Blue Tits, they have deserted my feeders as I have run out of live mealworms. 😦

The birds I am seeing more and more of are the Goldfinches. I saw four of them on the sunflower and nyjer seed on Sunday, they seem to fly into the yard en-mass!

The Pigeons have become a pest! Eating everything in sight! 😦 There is even one that sits on my bracket and helps himself to sunflower hearts!

I have put in my results for the RSPB: Make Your Nature Count survey.

I was a little disappointed as after putting in the count for the birds, I was expecting a few for bees and butterflies. It was mainly deer and badgers which I don’t see being in an inner city terrace.

Over the past week I have seen many bees visit the flowers in the yard, so planting with nature in mind does pay off. I have seen in a spate of 30 minutes three bees all sniffing around the Honeysuckle and my recently opened Foxglove!

I have also seen many Cinnabar Moths, day moths which I think are lovely! I can’t wait for the Buddleia to flower and hopefully attract more species of butterfly.

I received some good news via email this morning. I had entered Haith’s ‘Win Breakfast with the Birds‘ competition to win a 5kg bag of OlymPECK bird food! I entered thinking ‘you have to be in it to win it’ and today I got an email saying I had been picked as that daily winner! I can’t wait to receive my bag of food as I think the birds will love it!

My winning competition entry was:

Breakfast with the birds in my urban back yard is often a messy affair. I have one couple of each, Great and Blue Tits visiting for the live mealworms I leave out for them. They dive into the tree and then fly off to their nestlings high above the roofs. I keep buying on a weekly basis more mealworms for these voracious eaters! I also have up to four Goldfinches visiting the sunflower hearts, giving the yard a lovely splash of colour. A cheeky magpie comes in to chase the pigeons away and hoover up the bits left over by the smaller birds and the beautiful song of the faithful Dunnock can be heard over the tree tops. I have a small yard but I am amazed at the amount of bird and wildlife that visit on a daily basis!

What are your thoughts?

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