Another Brick in the Wall…

The long bank holiday weekend just gone was full of work and planning for the house. I think every weekend and bank holiday in the foreseeable future will be filled with work on the house! 😀

I calculated that I spent over £250! I bought wallpaper for the dinning room which is inspired by the Red Panda and also wallpaper for the main bedroom.

I bought red paint for the kitchen which will reflect the paper in the dinning room and cream anti-mould paint for the rest of the walls in the kitchen.

I also paid £50 for a black chandelier for the dinning room which installed should look glamorous!

We can’t do too much internally as we need an out-house knocking down, we want the back door blocked up in the kitchen to make way for the freezer that is at present under the stairs where Snowy the Penguin will be and a back door knocked through into the dinning room. We have been collecting quotes for the new roof and we still need a front door put in and the stud wall in the main bedroom demolished and put back up to its original size!

On Friday after seeing the Olympic Torch in Ormskirk, David had me pointing one of the back walls. (We don’t want to touch the warped one yet!) After a lot of moaning on my behalf we were happy with the finished result!


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