Goldfinches are Rising…..

Saturday started as Friday ended, awash with rain and wind! 😦

The Great Tit family visited again which was nice to see, the babies even sitting on a branch from our Mock Orange bush.

The news of today was that I saw not just four Goldfinches visiting the sunflower feeders but six! Yes six! I was so overjoyed, they seem to be growing in numbers!

Over the weekend I have seen a new species of bird in the yard. At first I thought it was the Dunnock (who was spotted jumping about the shrubbery), but the beak was more finch-like. The only other possibility was that it was a female House Sparrow. I saw the new species eating from my fat ball feeders and then just sitting quietly in the bush. I hope the new bird will continue to visit my feeders again so I can verify if I am correct or not. It would be nice to have a new species of bird visiting to join the Great and Blue Tits, Goldfinches, Dunnock, Pigeons and Magpies.

News on the house was that yesterday David paid for the rest of the paint, we spent £200! (They were on discount!) We did get one tin of paint that was for a £100 as it had a self cleaning mechanism! 😮 In the afternoon, David’s brother and cousin helped paint the ceiling in the kitchen, I painted the gloss and David steamed and cleaned the carpet in the living room. It was a long day!

We were looking on Bing maps on Friday, walking down our road, and David spied them first, they had captured my Mum and Dad walking out of the house. It was a very surreal feeling seeing my Dad there, immortalised!

What are your thoughts?

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