More New Life

Today, waiting to go to work in the afternoon, I had the privilege to see a young Goldfinch visit my back yard!

At the time the young Goldfinch visited, I counted 7, yes 7 Goldfinches all at my feeders. Its a good job I have just ordered another Nyger seed feeder, as the numbers keep increasing! 😀

I have also seen the Dunnock visit a number of occasions today, he must be hungry, but because I have moved the ground cage feeder into my new home next door which he hasn’t found yet, I can’t feed him, and I feel increasingly guilty for him 😦 Update: I have seen the Dunnock collect seeds and fly off with them in his beak which makes me suspect that he is feeding his young. Ohh, I would so love to see baby Dunnocks!

Later on in the evening, I saw two Blue Tits in the yard eating sunflower seeds and suet. I heard from the tree opposite a sound similar to the Great Tit chicks but I don’t think it was them. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have been Blue Tit young. I so hope it was and that they visit the yard again soon!

What are your thoughts?

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