Ups and Downs…

I have come to the conclusion that the Goldfinches are the Starlings of Summer, the Starlings attacked the bird feeders last Autumn and the Goldfinches are doing the same this season. lol I am needing to buy another bag of sunflower hearts, these birds will make me bankrupt! I counted about six of the Goldfinches on my feeders but there could have been more as I was watching from the new house next door. They were making a collective racket! 🙂

Amongst the Goldfinches the Pigeons have been gobbling up the left overs and under the shrubbery a lone Dunnock has been making his frequent rounds of the back yard.

The Great Tit family visited again today, I was wondering where they had got too. The two youngsters were still begging for food lol 🙂

A single Blue Tit has been making his presence known in the yard today, calling his threat cackle to all and sundry. 😀

The planting for wildlife has been a success but it has also brought about its disappointments as well. I must look like a flower to some bees as this incident has occurred before.  I had been in the yard topping up the bird feeders and I had a long dress on. ‘Nothing wrong with that’ I hear you say, but as I went indoors to wash the pots and pans for the new house, I felt something tickle my back. I rubbed my back but I kept feeling itchy, so I looked down the back of my dress and there was a little fury bee stuck in the weave of the fabric. 😦 I took the dress off and tried to prise the bee off but he was stuck by his face. 😦 He kept going round and round. 😦 In the end my Mum cut him out, but I think he was injured. Should I have put him out of his misery? I couldn’t. 😦 So I put him next to the rose bush and hoped he’d recover.  N.B. To self, I must watch for any wayward bees in clothing when I go into the yard.

Apart from this sad tale, the bees have been loving the Foxglove and the Siberian Bellflowers. I have never seen so many bees in one place! 

The news from the Society Finches is that even after we closed off the nests, Chocolate has still produced eggs. 😦 She dropped one from her perch and we found it on the base of the cage smashed, the shell feels paper thin. 😦 I really don’t know what to do with them. How can I stop Chocolate laying eggs? I did see a lovely Society male for her in the pet shop the other week when we were looking for Gouldians but David wouldn’t let me get him. He still wants to breed Gouldians, but we just can’t seem to get a nice looking breeding pair.

What are your thoughts?

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