Baby Blues…..!

This weekend has all been about painting the new house. My wrist aches from painting the living room ceiling for three hours solid! How I ache!

For a rest from the monotony of painting, David and I would wander to the window opening to the back yard and watch the visiting Goldfinches, Great Tits and Blues. We would laugh at the antics of the Pigeons, which are now getting on my nerves as they have found my domed feeder and keep sitting in the tree eating my expensive sunflower hearts! 😦 I’m not impressed!

The news of the weekend which has brightened my soul is that I have managed to see a baby Blue Tit! Just the one! I can’t believe all those mealworms that I bought only helped produce two Great Tits and one Blue. 😦 It must also be the dreadful weather that has contributed to the low frequency of young birds?

As always I had my trusty camcorder to hand and filmed the little Blue: Hope you like?


What are your thoughts?

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