Where Have All the Birds Gone?

I was close to despairing today before the five Goldfinches visited, as it has been a few days since I have seen anything like the amount of birds visiting the garden as in previous weeks.

On Monday, all I saw was one lone baby Blue Tit who was crying in the Mock Orange tree looking for seeds, but I think also looking for its parents whom it must have left. It made me feel sad watching him/her all alone.

Tuesday, as I was topping up the bird feeders, five Goldfinches came to eat the sunflower hearts and nyjer seed. They look glossy and plump! I also saw in a spate of 10 minutes, either a Large or Small White butterfly (I have trouble telling them apart), a Cinnibar Moth and many Bees.

A lone Magpie was looking into the yard earlier, looking to see if there was any food on the floor, but the dreaded Pigeons had gobbled them up before!

The Blue Tits and Great Tits have not been seen recently, possibly going through their moult? Though I have read that they only moult in Autumn, so I am wondering where they have got too, possibly chasing insects?

What are your thoughts?

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