More Baby Goldfinches!

Monday, being back home from a week at David’s sitting the dog Toby who kept waking us up at 5.30 am everyday! I relaxed and watched the birds visit the back yard. Today I saw at one time six, yes six Goldfinches! Two were babies begging for food!

Two solo Blue Tits have also been in the yard on separate occasions, I believe that one is the fledged baby and the other its parent. The baby Blue was having trouble with the seed feeders, I don’t think he/she knew how to get at the seeds. 😦

I also disturbed the Dunnock who was visiting the yard. I  saw Mr. Dunnock last Tuesday eating from the ground cage feeder that I put into the ‘new’ house next door’s yard. 🙂 To say I was pleased that he had found it was an understatement. 😀 So I hope that he goes to the yard next door for more food. 🙂

The Pigeons again have been picking up the dropped seed that the Goldfinches leave, they are real pains but they are so intelligent as soon as they hear the Goldfinches calling then they swoop down for their dinner.

What are your thoughts?

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