Birthday Cheer!

Today was my nephew, Nathan’s third birthday. Mum and I went to visit with cards and presents. I played with Nathan who seemed a lot more open with me than the last time I saw him. He is a very shy boy but absolutely gorgeous!

Other news of the day is that there are at least 3/4Goldfinch babies visiting with their parents, that is a big brood! I saw them  in the tree opposite and the babies were all chattering, begging for food and chasing their parents everywhere. lol 😀

The lone baby Blue Tit was also seen but the Great Tits have not visited since the last time I saw them. 😦

House news: we have almost finished painting the living room, orange! I will post pictures of the progression when David allows me, as he wants to surprise his family first. We are still waiting to hear from Chestnut Roofing about the work needed doing, its been two weeks since we agreed to go with their quote, I just hope the work is carried out soon as it’s stopping other work being completed. I think David’s estimation of moving in in August is a bit optimistic!

What are your thoughts?

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