Goldfinches Galore and Buying Home Accessories!

On Friday, to my amazement, my wide eyes beheld six, yes SIX, baby Goldfinches at the feeders with their parents! So EIGHT in total! I was so happy that this family had chosen to visit my garden feeders. The only problem is that I am constantly topping up the sunflower heart feeder as these birds don’t like cheap seed! 😀

Saturday, was a long day, 😦 We got up early to go to Wickes to order the wall cabinets for the kitchen but there was no one at the service desk so we went home empty handed. Will have to book a consultation, seems a bit silly just for one cupboard as the kitchen is already fitted, but that’s the way things have to be.

David then went to Next, and bought a ceiling light for the freshly painted living room.  It was only £35!

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See above the pictures of the colour scheme that David has chosen for the living room. Also included is a close representation of the dining table we ‘finally’ bought from Furniture Outlet Village, I was giving up hope of ever finding a black glass table for the Red Panda inspired room. It is black opaque glass with six, high backed dining chairs. I have seen them online going for £500+ but we got the table and six chairs for £299! I just had to get it! 😀 It is being delivered on Tuesday, I so can’t wait! I just wish the roof and the external building work was complete, so I could finish the decoration in the dining room and we can finally have our first meal in our new home. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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