The Stud Wall Will NOT Defeat Us!!

It’s a Sunday evening, and I am relaxing after a long weekend of hard graft, (though not so much graft today!).

While listening to the new Dark Knight Rises soundtrack by the wonderful Hans Zimmer, I shall recap on an eventful three days!

Friday, with David having a day off work, was spent mostly with David and I driving around Liverpool, between Taskers to get the kitchen ceramics I wanted. I spent over £50 on them, but they look lovely in the new kitchen!

I also saw a nice sideboard (though white, hopefully they have in black), from Furniture 66 in Aintree! It was only £219 and I would have bought it straight away if it wasn’t for David saying ‘wait!’

Saturday, David and I started making a mess of the stud wall between the main front bedroom and the box room. The owners before us renovated the house for students and had a new stud wall extended into the main bedroom. To our dismay it was too much encroachment so I wanted it put back the way it used to be!

The work seemed to go smoothly, David and I worked on sawing the plasterboard from the wooden frame and then ripping the rest off. We managed to get the plasterboard off all sides before stopping for the night. On the Sunday, with the help of David’s brother Gary, we managed to get the whole wooden frame off! Now there is one large room instead of two! Refer to slideshow for the complete pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Monday, David and I plan on putting the frame back to its original 1900 place, whether we will be successful is anyone’s guess! Wish us luck! 😀

What are your thoughts?

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