Slow Progress and Free Tickets to see TED!

After ending my last blog with some optimism I begin this with saying that David and I never completed the stud wall yesterday. ūüė¶ We did cut the wooden beams for placement and David took off the old 1900 nogs but we never built the frame back up again much to my disappointment. ūüė¶

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On a happier point, the Haith’s bird food arrived a day after I ordered them. They arrived via FedEx and the Goldfinches are eagerly gobbling up the seed! ūüėÄ

We have had many Goldfinches visiting as well as two faithful Blue Tits, and up to three male House Sparrows. I am very happy that the House Sparrows have visited, adding to the bio diversity of the yard. My mum also said that the Dunnock was spotted hopping about the yard and helping himself to the dropped sunflower seeds yesterday. I do love Mr. Dunnock and I am very grateful that he has continued to visit and that he is getting some food, despite the hoard of Pigeons and colony of rats that are in competition for the feed!

I was amused when I got an email this morning from Vue Cinemas. I had entered a¬†competition¬†last week to win preview tickets to the new comedy ‘Ted‘. David and I both think it will probably be awful, but today I found out I got two free tickets to see it! lol ūüėÄ I just sat laughing at the computer for a few minutes and my mum thought I was mad! The screening is tomorrow, so I am planning a romantic date with David, we are going for a pizza before hand and then going to see the film. I just hope it all goes according to plan!

What are your thoughts?

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