New Life Just Keeps Coming!

The news from the past few days has been a visitation of a Male House Sparrow with his baby! Mum spotted them last night on the bracket feeder and I ran upstairs to get the camcorder, but on way down, they had flown off… such is life! The baby House Sparrow, looked like a Goldfinch baby and was crying like all the other babies before him/her, begging for food, which the daddy House Sparrow was obligingly giving!

At dusk last night, I spotted nine, yes NINE Goldfinches and this morning, Friday, I spotted yet another baby Goldfinch begging from his parents! WOW! My yard is so blessed with all this new life. 😀 It is nearing the end of July and still there are baby Goldfinches abound!

My feeders have become a hive of activity over the past few days, with not only Goldfinches, House Sparrows and the Blue Tit couple regularly gracing my feeders, but the Magpie with the sore eye has been seen eating from my fresh coconut and last evening Mr. Dunnock was spotted hopping about the yard floor picking up the seed left by the Goldfinches! I love watching the Dunnock, he is such an adorable little bird, people think he is brown and boring,  but I have fallen in love with this small, unassuming bird! 😀

With all this activity at the feeders, my two 5kg bags of Haith’s bird seed is going down considerably as I am filling up the feeders once a day! I really can’t keep feeding at this level with dwindling financial resources, so any ideas on how to keep the birds happy but feeding for less, then do let me know. 🙂

I am eager to get out into the yard and join the Big Butterfly Count, I saw three Red Admirals last year but this year butterfly sightings have been poor.

In my area I have seen the odd White and Cinnabar Moths but none of the more strikingly colourful ones. Lets hope the sunny weather that the Met Office has hinted at for the coming weekend, will bring the butterflies out!

What are your thoughts?

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