A Wall Divides Us!

News from this long weekend with David has been that thanks to the help of his dad, Dave and his brother Gary, we managed to get the frame and plasterboards up! Giving us the main bedroom and the box room back to the way it should be!

The plasterboards were delivered on Friday by Wickes which is just what David wanted as he was so eager to get on with the work. Saturday afternoon, we worked from 2pm ’till 8pm! The frame was built as David put up the plasterboards. We did the box room side first as that looked smaller and easier.

Earlier in the morning, I ordered the black high gloss sideboard from Furniture 66. I can’t wait for it to be delivered! We were only in the shop for about 10 minutes and in that time I handed over £229! I came out of the shop a bit shell shocked wondering what had happened lol. 😀

Sunday, while David’s dad had a migraine, it was left to David and Gary with little ‘ole’ me hindering as we continued to put the plasterboards up on the main bedroom side. It was the first time since my father had passed that I missed him. I was thinking he would have helped whether he was in pain or not, he was that kind of guy! We needed his help as well as the plasterboards were heavy! Such is life!

David and Gary did a great job and within six hours of work we had the boards put up and the electric switches cut out. It really looks nice! The main bedroom is so large! But the work is not finished with, the ceiling needs to be smoothed over and there is a hole in the wall by the window which needs filling in so no rest for the wicked!

Hope you enjoy the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Monday David and I took our last visit under the membership scheme to Chester Zoo, before it runs out at the end of July. I said goodbye to Lushui and Pali the Red Pandas and got upset as we walked out of the gates. I don’t know when we will be back as the house takes priority over days out. 😦

Bird news, and the Goldfinches continue to ‘charm’ my back yard! There were 10 of them on the feeders this weekend! The baby House Sparrow was seen a few times over the weekend crying for food and my reserves of sunflower hearts and nyjer seed is getting low again!

What are your thoughts?

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