One Room Completed and a New Visitor. :)

It was David’s birthday on Thursday, he was 38! He won’t like me saying that but the tide of time waits for no man. lol :p

For his birthday he took two days off work so we could do more work on the house. Over the weekend past we put on the skirting board for the main bedroom and the box room. I also painted and completed the box/gym room. We decided to go for light grey to add to the metallic look of the gym equipment. I am pleased with the outcome. 🙂

On Friday I spied a new visitor on my feeders. It was a GREENFINCH! 😮 I was so happy, though I have not seen him since as he was chased away by the numerous Goldfinches about. The baby House Sparrow was also chased away from the feeders by one of the adult males, I guess they are all developing their new territories.

The Blue Tits have been frequent visitors to the feeders over the weekend, they must really rely on the food I am putting out. 🙂

Saturday was eventful for one of our Society finches, Caramel. We had to catch her to clip her toenails but as I was trying to grab her from the cage, she escaped the cage and started flying around the room. lol 😀 I eventually caught her and David shakily cut her nails, careful not to cut her quick, we didn’t want blood all over the place! For a treat we put Caramel and Chocolate’s cage in front of the window for them to catch some light and to chat to the Goldfinches. 😀

What are your thoughts?

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