Birds, birds and more birds!

Bird news this weekend is that there were about 18!Yes 18 Goldfinches on the feeders this Sunday! There are lots of baby Goldfinches and I think their numbers have been successfully added to this cool damp summer! I believe I am feeding probably half of all Goldfinches in Liverpool. 😀 I am really thinking of setting myself up as a charity to get more donated seed LOL! 😀

Apart from Goldfinches the other ‘main’ news of the weekend is the return of the dreaded Starlings! Their squabbling awoke me first thing this morning and just now (3.30pm), there were four! Yes four Starlings on the fatballs! I don’t think I will be able to cope if there are 20 Starlings and 20 Goldfinches on the feeders this winter!

I also spotted the Blue Tits over the weekend and the tail end of what I think was Mr. Dunnock. I do hope he still visits, though I think he will not like all this bird traffic lol. My Back yard has become more ‘popular’ since he last visited. 😀

Early morning on Friday a Robin was also spotted amongst the Goldfinches! 😀

The weekend has not been a weekend of relaxation, though I really need a holiday. David and I were busy scraping the Artex off the bedroom ceiling, in the new house. It was an arduous task, which lasted all day Saturday but today, we managed to fill in the cracks and hopefully this week coming I will be able to start the well awaited painting. 🙂

Update: there were seven Starlings on the feeders as of 4pm!

What are your thoughts?

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