At Last a Baby Dunnock!

Monday was eventful bird wise. After my last blog saying about the increasing number of Starlings; Monday morning the yard was awash with brown and speckled wings and the squawking of them. There were lots of Starlings, about 20 of them, all fighting over the fat balls and many of them were youngsters! What a racket they made! 😀

I also found it amusing that while the Starlings were in the yard the charm of Goldfinches were all sitting in the tree opposite waiting for the noisy neighbours to leave. 🙂

Yesterday evening, I was alerted to a high pitched squeaking sound,  I wondered what it was. As I peered into the yard, my eyes alighted on a small brown bird. A Dunnock! But this wasn’t Mr. Dunnock who visits but a young bird. David had arrived by that time and was also watching, he said that there were ‘two other Dunnocks in the tree opposite.’ Mum and Dad? Thankfully the baby Dunnock stayed on the wall long enough for me to film him before he disappeared into the foliage.

Today, Tuesday I have also been lucky enough to have my camera handy to capture the Greenfinch that has been a regular visitor to the sunflower seeds. I hope you like?

What are your thoughts?

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